Dying To Remember

Dying to Remember_6x9@300dpi-1WHILE ATTENDING A conference in Toronto, prominent surgeon Christopher Barnes dines on tainted mussels and falls into a coma. He awakens two weeks later to discover that a neurotoxin has clouded his memories from the previous month and destroyed his ability to remember new information. He also learns that his wife, Elizabeth, has been brutally murdered in their Boston home, a horror he must relearn every day.

With new memories vanishing only moments after they form, he uses notes as a surrogate, and he uses Elizabeth’s friends and computer files to piece together clues about her death. An elaborate puzzle takes shape, but much of the evidence points to a conspiracy involving him. Undaunted, he pursues the truth, unaware how close the killer really is.

“Apseloff has a flair for the mystery genre . . . [An] engaging read that should satisfy fans of mysteries and medical dramas.”  — Kirkus Reviews

First-place winner–international SEAK medical fiction competition.

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