Lethal Cure

Lethal Cure_6x9@300dpiOn his last shift in the emergency room, medical resident Jake Warner is looking forward to a change of pace. But then a teenage girl hobbles in on the stump of an amputated leg, collapses in his arms, and dies. She leaves behind a handbag with a barely legible diary of dreams. Haunted by his inability to save the girl, he photocopies the diary, hoping to discover why their lives intersected.

The more Warner learns about the diary, the more he realizes that nothing is a coincidence. Even after he moves on to a psychiatry rotation—where a patient dies unexpectedly and where he somehow forgets the events of an entire day—thoughts of the girl, and her diary, linger. In need of a break, he pools his vacation time and travels to Italy. There he falls in love. He figures out the connections among the deaths, the diary, and his forgotten day, but too late—everything he has learned is erased. His last hope is to reconnect with the woman he loves across a void of lost memories. Only then can he reveal the true cause of his patients’ deaths, and save himself.

“The book moves forward with impressive momentum . . . Like running up a spiral staircase–you might see where it’s going, but the twists will leave you dizzy.”  — Kirkus Reviews

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